About Us

A Modern & Trusted Freight Company

Based out of Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, iGlobal is a dutch cargo shipping company with extensive experience in the industry and outstanding international coverage. Our cargo services include all transport modes, as well as customised packaging options that guarantee the safe and successful shipping of any type of item across the globe.  You can rely on the experience of our specialised team to advise you on the ideal transport solutions for your needs and to carefully coordinate the delivery process from start to finish.


High-quality and Fast Services

We take pride in offering fast shipping without compromising the safety of our operations and the quality of our services.

Global Coverage

We operate all over the world and can safely transport any type of item across the globe.

Secure and Efficient Operations

iGlobal strictly adheres to all international laws and regulations, and offers insurance for its complete range of services.

Why Choose iGlobal