"Delivering excellence – reliable cargo solutions for your business."

Welcome to iGlobal

Welcome to iGlobal – the international cargo solution for your shipping needs. With decades of experience, extensive coverage around the world, and reliable transport solutions, we are here to make your transport shipment hassle-free.

iGlobal Cargo

Our Services

Air fright

iGlobal is an air cargo shipment expert and offers several options to transport a wide range of goods by plane across the world.

Road Freight

iGlobal relies on a large fleet of modern trucks to provide efficient transport of goods throughout europe at highly competitive rates.

Sea Freight

If you wish to transport a shipment by sea, iGlobal's wide range of sea freight options is certain to have the right solution for your specific needs.

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How We Work

A Fast and Controlled Process

Quote Request

Request a quote and choose the best option for your specific needs.

Collection & Packing

All items are collected, packed and prepared for transport.

Transport & Delivery

tems are shipped, securely delivered and a delivery notification is sent.

Why Our Customers Choose Us!

Comprehensive Cargo Services

At iGlobal, we provide a full spectrum of comprehensive cargo services, including air freight, ocean freight, ground transportation, and custom package solutions. We strive to meet your individual needs by offering tailored solutions that take into account the item's size and weight as well as the distance it must travel

Dedicated and Experienced Team

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring your shipment arrives safely and on time - no matter where in the world you’re sending it. We can provide advice on which transport option is best for you based on cost and speed considerations, coordinate all aspects of delivery, and keep you apprised of any potential delays or changes along the way.

Flexible Pricing Options

Moreover, we understand that customers have different needs when it comes to cargo shipments - ranging from long-term relationships with frequent orders to one-off shipments - so we offer flexible pricing options that work within each individual budget. Our prices are highly competitive compared to other providers out there today – yet never at the expense of quality service or reliability.